My name is Zuza and in 2014 I founded Dwarves of the Vistula River. It started with a few wooden cribs and lots of felt gnomes. It was the time when my children were young and went to a Waldorf school. In time, the children became adults and the Dwarves spread their wings. A group of talented, great people gathered around me. We love handwork and craftsmanship and the lack of haste, which allows us to create with heart and dedication.
Zuza Pietrzak-Sadowska

A few words about me were written by my buddy and friend Filip. It's nice to have these words here and read them to myself sometimes:

Zuza is a sorceress who can conjure up anything. When she talks, even about ordinary things, in her mouth they transform into fairy tale phenomena. A can of paint becomes the heroine of a fairy tale, tea becomes a magic potion, and an old accessory store becomes an enchanted place of unusual events. Zuza lives in a village near Warsaw, and thanks to the fact that she lives there, whenever she starts talking about it, this village is also full of magic. So it's no surprise that the small company she runs was named Dwarves of the Vistula. How could it be otherwise?

I have known Zuza for more than a dozen years. We met in India. Because Zuza is an absolute and incurable lover of India. And she was always characterized by this unusual quality: whatever she started talking about, however mundane it might be, it immediately took on a fairy-tale quality. I live in India now, and sometimes I get fed up. For various reasons. But all it takes is for Zuza to come here and start marveling at what she sees and experiences, and everything around her becomes a fairy tale. It's as if someone's ordinary world, full of problems and suffering, was transformed with a few words into a pure land.

Besides, there are never any "ordinary" people around Zuza. Except maybe me. She is surrounded by talented, beautiful people with such rich resumes that one could write books about them. Artists, musicians, medics with almost supernatural powers, madmen... When Zuza tells us about them, we immediately have a ready-made novel, material for a movie. Sometimes it will be a fairy tale and sometimes a detective story, but it is impossible not to listen to the end without emotion.

Mice, cribs... when I say it, it sounds ordinary. As Zuza tells the story, the magic begins. Not surprisingly, her mice roam all over the world, from Poland to the United States, New Zealand. They are loved by beautiful Japanese women and American children who stay in the hospital. And when Zuza just happens to arrive in India and sends them accounts of the trip, they can't sleep in that hospital, unable to wait for the follow-up.

Zuza is always full of ideas and sends ordinary objects into another dimension. In her hands, wood comes to life, paints begin to dance, fabrics spin stories... Anyway, visit the store and see for yourself....