When I bought my first dollhouse stove, and this was many years ago, it charmed me as soon as I saw it. She was almost 100 years old and came from Germany. Then the idea was born in my mind to find someone to create a similar stove for my store. It took a long time and was not easy, but patience pays off. After many attempts, it succeeded and a truly wonderful stove was created.

All parts of the stove are laser cut made of sheet steel. Then each individual is bent and pressed by hand on a press. When the individual components are ready they are joined welding with each other. Now it’s time For powder coating. And here is the stove ready. The pipes on the cooktop are applied and can be removed. The door at the front can be swung open.

The stove is quite heavy and sturdy, made with great attention to every element. The process of creation is extremely long and requires great precision. But for that, cooking in a mouse house has never been so much fun!

The stove can be used for play or as an accessory for a collector’s house. Designed for older children because of its weight and sharp edges.

The subject of the sale is a stove without equipment.

Length: 17 cm, Width: 10.3 cm, Height: 9.7 cm

Color white / black

Weight – 1 kg