Mouse in a sleeping bag Acorns and chestnuts


Mouse in a sleeping bag Acorns and chestnuts. The little mouse sleeps in a cotton pocket. On the top is a fabric with illustrations by Daniela Drescher. Autumn theme with little mice who are getting ready for winter by gathering supplies for the long, cold days. Here we have forest fruits, acorns and chestnuts and pinecones. Inside is a second fabric, blue linen. The colors are calm, pastel and delicate. It’s the kind of case or pencil case that can be quickly rolled up and tied with a green ribbon. And take it with you everywhere. Inside it is sewn in such a way that it has two wider and two narrower compartments. You can hide extra mice or clothes. For this we have a mouse. Sewn by hand from linen. The eyes, nose, whiskers and face are embroidered and the tail is attached from a string. The mouse is wearing a cotton one-piece with tiny dots. This beautiful set was sewn by Alicia.

The fabric sleeping bag unfolded flat is 35 cm long and 15 cm wide

Brigid Mouse is 12 cm long

I think fabrics should be washed in lukewarm water and not spun. Ironing allowed. Colors may vary slightly from actual depending on monitor settings.

You will receive the whole in a bag tied with a ribbon.

Have fun!

I like fabrics with illustrations by Daniela Drescher very much. They are like a story by the fire on autumn afternoons.The author herself says that with her paintings she would like to show children nature in all its diversity and vitality. So that they gain confidence in the world that waits for them and surrounds them with love. It’s a beautiful message and may it go further into the world:)

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