Mouse George and the Dark Forest set


Beautiful handmade mouse house set. We have prepared for you a mouse in a crib along with a set of bedding, a stool and a rug.

The crib is wooden, handmade by carpenter Lukasz in a small workshop in Kurpie region and resembles the shape of old toys my grandmother used to play with. A beautiful tiny wooden stool was conjured up by Michael. I, meaning Zuza, am responsible for the color and careful finishing. I use products from Autentico. These are excellent quality paints that are odorless and water-based. I apply multiple coats of paint and sand with very fine paper to even out the surface and create a slight burnished and aged effect. The final step is to apply wax and lightly polish. This crib comes in a dark gray color called Dark Forest. All my work is slow and thorough and it makes the furniture extremely smooth and velvety to the touch. The set includes bedding sewn by grandmother Henia and a blanket cut from steamed wool. The mattress, cushion and quilt are sewn from beautiful cotton with fine patterns perfectly matching the color of the crib and mouse pajamas. In the crib sleeps a mouse sewn by Alice. All made of linen, the eyes, nose, face and whiskers are embroidered. Tail made of string. Mouse sewn by hand, with great precision and attention to every last detail. He was dressed in maroon cotton pajamas. The garment is fastened at the back with a snap fastener and can be removed.

The set includes a beautiful striped wool rug woven on a loom by Honorata. We use a small loom from the Polish company Kromski.

Crib – length. 17 cm, width. 8 cm, height. 8 cm
Stool – length. 7 cm, width. 3.5 cm, H. 4 cm
Mouse George – 12 cm tall
Rug – length. 14.5 cm, width. 11 cm

You will receive the set in a cotton bag tied with a ribbon.

All items you buy are the work of people who create Dwarves with me. We put all our heart into them and may they serve you beautifully and give you joy.

The object of the sale is a crib with bedding and blanket, a mouse, a stool and a rug. The other things you see in the photo are decoration and are not for sale. Colors may vary depending on monitor settings.

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