Monkey mom Neelu and her mischievous son


Monkey mom Neelu and her mischievous son. Anyone who has seen monkeys knows how agile they are. They can steal food and jump fearlessly over rooftops and trees. Here is a monkey mom with her baby sewn by Afghan refugee women from SilaiWali. All made of linen-cotton fabric, the muzzles and ears are felt. Mom and son wear white thin shorts and beautiful burgundy tunics. The clothes are removable.

Neelu’s mom – 45 cm

son – 21.5 cm

The founders of SilaiWali are Iris Strill and Bishwadeep Moitra. Iris is a French woman living partly in India. He has experience working with French design and sewing companies in India. She has conducted many workshops for Indian women where she taught how they can use their skills and draw on tradition to create beautiful artisanal products. That’s how the idea for the social initiative was born, whose motto is: A PATH FOR FREEDOM. SilaiWali is a group of women refugees from Afghanistan, mainly from the Hazara tribe. The women now live in Delhi. They sew dolls and animals, and create utilitarian items by hand. Iris acquires a lot of beautiful fabric scraps after making clothes. Toys are sewn by hand, clothes are embroidered and embroidered. The bodies are created from cotton canvas in skin colors of various shades to celebrate cultural diversity, as it were. All products are manufactured using upcycling techniques.

Please note that colors may vary slightly from the actual colors depending on your monitor settings. The clothes are more maroon than red.

Have fun!